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UHF 740-770MHz frequency range

True Diversity for maximum range and dropout protection

PLL Synthesized, pre-set 100 selectable frequencies

IR sync downloading the frequency from receiver

LCD display shows the RF level, AF level, channel and frequency

Patented design, rubber cover protect the wind instrument

EIA standard 1/2U rack-mountable metal chassis

Up to 300 feet (100m) line-of-sight operating range

Designed for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tubar, horn applications

ACEMIC EX-100/ST-1 UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Comprehensive Performance

    Frequency Range: 740-770MHz

    Modulation Mode: FM

    Dynamic Range: >100dB

    Frequency Response: 40Hz-17KHz±3dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% at 1KHz

    Signal/Noise Ratio: ≥108dB




    Frequency Range: 740-770MHz

    Receive Sensitivity: -110dBm (sinad ≥30dB)

    Signal/Noise Ratio: >108dB

    Power Supply: DC12V-18V / 500mA

    Audio Output: 1*XLR socket, 1*6.35mm jack socket



    Frequency Range: 740-770MHz

    RF Power: 10mW

    Microphone Type: Condenser


    Deviation: ±48KHz

    Antenna: 1/4 wave Length wire type

    Battery Voltage: 1.5V (1x1.5V AA Battery)

    Power Consumption: 10 hours, battery-dependent

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