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Breathtaking Lithe Premium Saxophone Strap ( Black )

  • The Saxophone Strap was created by a saxophonist who suffered from problems caused by long hours of practice using a conventional neck strap. Problems include herniated disk in the neck, tendinitis, severe stiffness of neck, shoulders, and back, fever and fatigue. To solve this problem and continue with her performance career, she came up with the ideas of an ergonomically correct saxophone strap, which later developed into a sensational and popular product.

    The Saxophone Strap unites the saxophone to the body unlike any other strap and the results are almost immediate.

    The features of the strap are that it does not put stress to the neck, it does not tighten the chest and the weight of the instrument is divided between the shoulders. These 3 features help the player to have a better posture and breaths, resulting in better sound of the tone. Most are surprised by the lightness of their instrument. The strap gradually corrects the body that has been affected by the stress to the neck.

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