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Gottsu Sepia Tone VI Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

  • This mouthpiece is made by a Jazzman for all people who love Jazz. Jazzmen play, sing with the Gottsu Sepia Tone VI Mouthpiece made of ebonite, a traditional material. I promise that the art work gives you a supreme delight. 


    +R (advanced process) is the most advanced G-Tune technology for processing the tip rail for a more efficient reed vibration. With this special processing, the reed vibrates effectively to create a smooth sensual tone like no other. Gottsu's original design methods allow one to play exquisitely from the first note--making it much easier to reach lower notes and give an overall pleasant feel throughout the range of the horn.


    Featuring a flat surface table, facing curve, side rail, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted all the way to the tip rail. Made from our newly introduced hard rubber and with our original adjusting methods (G-Tune +R), the Gottsu Hard Rubber Sepia Tone was born.

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