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P Mauriat PMSS-2400GL Curved Soprano Saxophone

  • Rich sounding, free-blowing, professional-quality curved soprano saxophone.

    The P. Mauriat PMSS-2400 DK is a beautiful, charming instrument, and makes an excellent specialty or double for any serious reed player. Curved soprano is by its nature a very sweet ax with its melifluous timbre and its reminiscece of a high female voice. Relative to its more common cousin the straight soprano, the curved soprano allows the player to enjoy a greater immediacy due to its ability to provide a more direct monitor off the bell, and offers a wholly different experience than the traditional "unemployment stick."

    • Gold Lacquer finish
    • Low Bb to high F# range
    • Case and mouthpiece included
    • Abalone key touches
    • Hand-engraved bell
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