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Theo Wanne Brahma Hard Rubber Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


    The Brahma line of mouthpieces has now expanded to soprano sax and gives off a classic full-bodied yet defined sound.  Central to the Brahma's identity is the use of the Small-Stadium-Chamber, but the list of technological features doesn't end there - we also have 'Twisted Side-Walls' (essentially flat, but with a twist into the chamber); we have a 'Wave Baffle' which adds an sparkle and projection; the have the 'Shark-Gill' baffle, the little arced grooves helping to draw air closer to the surface of the mouthpiece and make it more aerodynamically efficient.

    Overall, there is huge flexibility in the sound and response of the Brahma.  It has a dark sounding identity, but enough focus and presence to be able to project beautifully.  In this sense it is capable of playing in a multitude of styles, and particularly on soprano could be the mouthpiece to do everything - from jazz ballads, to pop, and even classical! 

    • Material: Vintage Style Hard Rubber
    • Made In: USA
    • Chamber: Small Stadium-Chamber
    • Baffle: Wave-Baffle, with Twisted Side Walls
    • Ligature: Enlightened One-Screw Ligature
    • Manufacturing Method: CNC machined
    • Recommended for: Jazz, Pop and Classical!
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